Run Differential

Just did a quick calculation of our run differential after week 1, we have been outscored by 11 runs 28-17. If you use the sabermetric value of runs (10 runs = 1 win) we should be a game under .500. Although, take Latroy Hawkins and Ian Kennedy out of the picture and we are tied at 17-17, which would be make us exactly at .500. Unfortunately we can’t do that, Ian Kennedy and Latroy Hawkins are both big reasons why we lost game 1 against the Rays. Fortunately, we have gotten some lucky breaks. My mind immediately goes to some defensive miscues by the Blue Jays. The scary thing is we are a couple good plays from being 1-5 or 0-6 or something like that. We will not continue to get breaks like this all season, hopefully sometime soon our offense will wake up so we can take some pressure off of our highly inconsistent starters. To digress a bit the staff has gone from good to bad every other day (Wang 7.0IP 2ER, Moose 5.2IP 5R 3ER, Franchise 6IP 2ER, Kennedy 2.2IP 6ER, Pettitte 5IP 5R 3ER, Wang 7IP 0ER). Let’s hope Wang continues to be the man and the performances of Kennedy and Pettitte improve about to where Phil Hughes was in his first start. If that can happen and the offense starts doing what it gets paid a heck of a lot to do, we will be good. If it can’t this could be get really, really ugly. On a side note, the AL East is going to be very interesting this year. The Rays and Jays are legit and aren’t going down without some serious fight. That said, couldn’t be happier that there’s baseball in my life again. Will be posting again soon. Until then let’s go Yanks!


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